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Software Testing Services

Functional testing
With the possibility to be performed at all stages of software development, functional tests verify that each component or system operates in conformance with the requirement specification.
Compatibility testing
Compatibility testing is performed to ensure your specific product or software app is proficient enough to run in the various databases, browsers, operating systems, hardware, networks, and mobile devices to guarantee superior user experience.
Security testing and load testing
Security testing verifies if your software offers reliable user and system security, protecting end-users from the theft or loss of sensitive data. Load testing, in turn, helps to determine how a software program behaves when multiple users access it simultaneously.
Usability testing
Usability testing is used to evaluate a product with real users to see where they encounter problems and experience confusion. We focus on the user's ease of using applications, making an interface with the utmost precision.
Localization testing
Localization testing examines the standard of the product for a particular locale/culture. It shows the defects in the software, which can impact the proper functioning of the user interface, linguistic translation, and features, etc., along with their settings.
Sustaining testing services
Depending on your business objectives and size/complexity of the project, we can define testing activities required for you, quality criteria to be met, and resources to be utilized, optimal schedule, required deliverables, and etc. It is crucial to start testing activities as early as possible to prevent all potential risks that may occur in your project, saving your time and budget.

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