Mobile App Developmant

Cross platform apps

Take advantage of latest frameworks which make coding easier and create interactive mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, with a single JavaScript codebase.

Native apps

Build each mobile application specifically for one mobile platform Android or iOS which can be easily installed through an application store, like Google Play or Apple's App.

We deliver in an agile manner

Native and Cross Platform Apps
Our mobile application development services include high end activities such as cross platform as well as native app development for Android, iOS and Windows.
User friendly Interface
The high end mobile apps developed by cybertranz are thoughtfully designed to ensure they are user friendly, hassle free and smooth functioning. Ease of use helps in ensuring your customer doesn’t lose interest in your app and continues using your app for a longer period.
Study and Research
We don’t just design the Mobile Apps using any available templates. Before designing the app, we study the clients business and focus on the aspects that captures the user’s attention the most like colour coordination, graphics, speed, ease of use etc.
Documentations and Testing
All the designed Mobile App go through rigorous Testing and Scrutiny Procedures to ensure error free and flawlessly crafted solutions. Every mobile app documented and developed to ensure all stages of your business are apprehended and given equal importance.
Experience in Various sectors
Experience in developing Enterprise Mobile Applications for various market sectors like Engineering, Hospitality, Vehicle Tracking, e-Commerce and Health Care.
We audit the existing solutions and provide recommendations for improvement. Moreover, we help to mitigate emerging issues or develop new functionality, which brings even more business value.

Business to Business

For Business users' data reliability, authenticity and efficiency are the key factors that define the success of any organization. Cybertranz using its prowess in mobile space over the years deliver solutions that assist organizations with real-time data that would be necessary facts to take timely decisions. All our enterprise-scale mobile applications focus entirely on business user drift without compromising on the quality.

Business to Consumer

For consumer applications, Cybertranz delivers apps that participate in the day to day user interactions. All our apps developed primarily focus on retaining end customers within the app. Thereby, increasing the retention ratio, which measures the success of our client. Being in the industry since smartphone inception, we have connected billions of users through our apps.

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